University Dental - Getting milked

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If you want to get milked for all your money go here.It took 3 weeks to get bleaching trays I paid 300 dollars for.

When I came to get them they came up with some extra bogus charge that they said the insurance would not cover. They refused to give me my trays till I paid the extra charge. Insurance company informed me that they had fixed rates and the doctor was not truthful. He also charged me 25 dollars for mouth swabs that cost 1.25 at wallgreens.

Grumpily I questioned the payments with the billing dept. and moments after he came in my room and rushed up on me asking what is my problem and why am I harrasing "his girls."

Oh yeah, the bleaching trays didn't even fit over my molars and he tells me don't worry nobody sees your molars; It takes him two appointments to do 4 fillings.

I've had four cleaning appointments he has not polished my teeth once.I can go on but pay attention to your bill closely and beware questioning him on any of his methods.

Review about: Micheal Kramar.

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